The process matters as much as the result.

Work in progress:
Mid-length Documentary

In 2020, we started producing a documentary about adoption through the experiences of five families. The documentary is sponsored by Sicredi and is expected to premiere in 2021.


Our process: 

A series of data collection techniques were used to write the script. We started with exploratory interviews to establish initial contact with the families and also to outline macro themes. Later we created an online journal aimed to collect more in-depth individual information on motivations, learnings and perceptions, as well as, the main challenges faced.


Work in progress:
Mid-length Documentary

Work in progress:
Mid-length Documentary

Production: Late Adoption

Direction: Thiago Lazeri





Adoção Tardia in Manaus - Serie

We talked with adoption experts to understand what are the challenges in the Amazonas state.

Parents' Expectations

Three families share their motivations, expectations and challenges in forming affective bonds with their children.

The Adaptation Phase

Three families share the challenges of the adjustment period with their children.

"Apadrinhamento Afetivo" Affective Sponsorship Program

Testimonies from the Affective Sponsorship Program held in Canoas city with support from NGO Elo.

Love is Love - Serie

Families formed in different ways, but united by the same feeling. These episodes were produced through crowdfunding. Thank to all 80 supporters!

Once Godfather, Now Father

Peterson signed up for the Affective Sponsorship Program, he did not expect that this attitude would arouse the desire to be a father.

Family Time

Luciana and Suzi are the mothers of Andriele and Luiz. For some it may be a different family, but for us it is just another example of adoption without prejudice. 

A Matched Love Story

The life of a 10 year old girl full of energy is now complete. Bianca found her mother.

One two three four!

Jaime and Fabiana adopted four siblings and share with us how they made that decision.

Surprise Family

Jorge is a father of three children shares with us his inspiring story. This episode touches the complicity between father and daughter.