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Older Child Adoption Project

Building an inclusive adoption culture.

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Premiere in 2021
(Activate English subtitles)

Production: Adoção Tardia

Direction: Thiago Lazeri





We want to change the discourse about adoption and how foster children are perceived in Brazil.

We are a Project to raise awareness about adoption, especially of those with less chance of being adopted, for instance, children over five years old and teenagers, who have a disability or groups of siblings.

Symptoms of the problem: profile

There is a mismatch between profiles: 90% of adoption applicants seek children up to 7 years old, while 67% of children and adolescents available in shelters are between 7 and 18 years old (National Council of Justice, 2019).

+ 4,900

Children and adolescents available for adoption

+ 32,000

Adoption candidates

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The rights guaranteed in the Child and Adolescent Statute

Every child and adolescent has the right to be raised and educated within their family and, exceptionally, in a substitute family, ensuring family and community coexistence, in an environment that guarantees their integral development (Art. 19).

Today there are more than 47 thousand children in foster care in Brazil, who, despite the legislation, which states that foster care is an exceptional temporary situation, most of them have lived in these institutions for more than two years.


We believe in the democratization of information to demystify adoption.


Contribute to increasing the number of successful adoptions of children over seven years of age.

Support the development and dissemination of good practices in shelter home institutions aiming to improve the experience of children and adolescents.

Our work


We produce content primarily for adoption applicants, supporting the responsible expansion of the desired child profile.

Research & Development

Through the co-design approach, we build tools, practices and content in collaboration with other adoption support organizations and technical staff from the foster care system.



+20 videos produced 


Content used by +10 adoption support organizations in six states in Brazil.


Partnerships established with civil society organizations, private companies and child's rights protection agencies, such as Public Defenders and the Judiciary of several counties in RS, SC and AM.

+50 posts published on social networks

+ 70K followers on Facebook and +13K on Instagram 


"My wife and I have always considered adoption (in fact, it was the main plan), but after watching the videos, our children's profile has expanded a lot! […] We opened our child profile from 3 to 12 years old, and also accepted siblings, therefore, two children!"

"Great that I found this page. This topic is my graduation theme for my law course. The page is excellent.

"Great service again. At our adoption support group we have never addressed these issues, much less publications like this. I am looking forward to buy it. Thank you for all these suggestions."

Partner Organisations



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